How Mentoring Empowers Healthy Mental Wellbeing

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How Mentoring Empowers Healthy Mental Wellbeing

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Have you recently taken the time to ask yourself – how is my mental health?

A recent study from BlackDog Institute revealed that a worrying 45-50% of Australian adults experienced some form anxiety or stress as a result of the impacts of COVID-19, and risked suffering long-term impacts on their mental health as a result.

Now more than ever, organisations are using mentoring to connect their communities and build meaningful relationships to help support healthy mental wellbeing.

Connects Your Communities

Your members already have the benefit of common experiences – why not give them the opportunity to share these with others in their community? Mentoring relationships provide a unique context for mentors and mentees to connect with trusted contacts and initiate discussions to normalise their concerns, share ideas for managing anxieties, and to find more meaning in their work.

Builds A Support Network 

Mental health challenges can often make individuals feel isolated and alone. Studies have shown that people feel 85% more engaged if they feel like someone has their back, especially in the workplace. Mentoring provides both mentors and mentees with a trusted support network to seek advice and guidance in a safe space.

Encourages Speaking Out

In many cases, having someone to simply be a listening ear can be an extremely cathartic experience. Mentors and mentees often reflect on the importance and relief of being listened to – and recognising that other people were going through similar issues helped them to feel more supported and consequently more effective in their role.

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