How Should You Structure Your Mentorship?

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How Should You Structure Your Mentorship?

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So you’ve found a mentor or a mentee, and you’re ready to get a start on your mentoring relationship – what’s the next step? Each mentorship is unique and may find different methods that work for them, but a good mentorship structure ensures that both mentees and mentors gain the most out of their mentoring relationship. 

1. Outline Your Expectations And Requirements

An effective mentorship structure begins with a solid foundation, and this can be done by outlining the expectations and requirements of your mentor/mentee at the beginning of your mentorship. Your mentorship structure should always start off with objectives to:

  • Get acquainted with each other
  • Decide on preferred communication
  • Agree on SMART goals
  • Agree on Code of Behavior.

2. Maintain Consistency

Consistency is key in a mentorship, and you should endeavor to schedule regular meetings to catch up with your mentor/mentee. In addition to this, monthly meetings should be scheduled into your mentorship structure as a chance to touch base and review the progress of the mentorship. These meetings should include:

  • A centering exercise
  • Confidentiality reminder
  • 5 minutes update to identify challenges
  • Exploration of key issues
  • Reflection of exercise
  • Agree on next steps

3. Incorporate A ‘Wrap-Up’ Plan

We recommend that mentorship structures incorporate a ‘wrap-up’ plan of action as you approach the end of your mentoring relationship. Some examples of steps you’d like to take include:

  • Reflect on your goals and objectives
  • Avoid letting your partnership fade away from lack of attention. Prepare for it!
  • Discuss your successes and areas of improvement
  • If you are a mentee, consider giving your mentor an appreciation gift or letter. Let him/her know she/he as impacted your life.
  • Pay attention your reactions. You might have mixed feelings about the end of your mentoring relationship
  • Like other effective mentors, you’ll find the satisfaction you experience will be worth your hard efforts

For more on how to make the most of your mentorship, have a browse through our Guide To Your Mentorship.