What Is The Role Of A Good Mentee?

role of a good mentee

What Is The Role Of A Good Mentee?

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A good mentee puts in the initiative to take ownership of their mentorship, and are expected to follow up with their mentor for meetings, take notes on their progress, and carry out the advice given by their mentor. A highly successful mentee exhibits the qualities of truthfulness, dedication, respect and flexibility, and does the following:

Thoughtful goal setting

 It is important to take time to clarify their goals to achieve success in a focused and decisive manner. Good mentees are clear and concise when discussing objectives, which helps their mentors better identify how they can help achieve these desired goals.

Strive for effective meetings

Good mentees generate ideas, plan activities and agree on a SMART plan – making sure that every meeting with their mentor is a productive one.


Be sure to think carefully about possibilities and shared learnings that you may gain from your mentoring relationship. A good mentee always comes well prepared to take advantage of every meeting. 

Assess the progress

A good mentee develops a relationship of trust between their mentor and sets short- and long-term goals and action plans. It is important for mentees to regularly assess their progress during their mentorship journey, and speak up if they have any concerns about their progression. 

Being a good mentee requires time, dedication, and commitment – and is integral in ensuring a successful mentorship!

It’s important to remember that mentoring is always a two way street – if you’d like to learn more about how to be a great mentee, have a browse through our Essential Tips For Mentees.