What Is The Role Of A Good Mentor?

how to be a good mentor

What Is The Role Of A Good Mentor?

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A good mentor is able to provide the right kind of help at the right time, depending on their mentee’s needs. They know when to take a directive approach, gently pushing the mentee, and when to let the mentee take action and drive the process.

A good mentor is one who:

Creates rapport

A good mentor has the capacity to understand or feel what your mentee is experiencing – and the ability to walk a moment in someone else’s shoes. 


Communication is the foundation of building trust with your mentee. Good mentors will ask clarifying questions, actively listen and volunteer feedback. 

Builds trust 

The key to being a good mentor is enlisting trust quickly so that both parties can share deeply, and challenges can be discussed candidly, in a safe environment. It might take some time, but building this trust is the key to great communication in a mentoring relationship. 

Listens actively 

Listen to ignite and suggest ideas to help your mentee. Good mentors will work to validate their mentee’s future success by giving them the confidence to achieve their goals

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