Why Alumni Mentoring Works

Benefits of alumni mentoring

Why Alumni Mentoring Works

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2020 has been particularly challenging for our students. 

At risk are our Year 12 students and early career Alumni – who are missing out on the social celebrations, sport events and community activities that usually help to build a sense of belonging and motivation before moving into their next stage of life after school or university. 

As you prepare for your final year students’ graduation, give your students the best chance of success by building a supportive Alumni mentoring community for them to be a part of – harnessing the experience and knowledge of your Alumni to support young graduates. By integrating an Alumni mentoring program, your graduates will have the opportunity to experience three key benefits:

1. Mentoring fosters a culture of shared learning between the expertise of your Alumni and the fresh perspectives that your graduates can bring.

Whether it be building on their professional skills or offering industry experience, Alumni members can offer their own personal insights and share experiences that can’t be learned from a textbook. When embarking on a new journey, having the support and guidance of someone who has been through similar experiences can build confidence, encourage productivity and inspire motivation.

2. Your Alumni network is a trusted and diverse community for your graduates to tap into.

The great thing about setting up a mentoring program is how varied your Alumni’s expertise and qualifications can be. Graduates will have the opportunity to match with mentors from a plethora of professional backgrounds who fit their own individual interests – from Finance to Arts, chances are your Alumni network has someone who would be a good match for your aspirational graduate mentees.

3. Mentees are not the only one to benefit – in many cases, Mentors are eager to reconnect with their school.

Many often find that becoming a mentor is a cathartic process that allows them to relive and share in their mutual experiences with fellow Alumni. Mentoring allows Alumni to build on their own communication skills, strengthen their leadership, and most importantly: give back to their community. Mentees can also bring something to the table through reverse mentoring – bringing their own perspectives and skills to exchange. A study showed that mentors often felt that their own professional development improved after completing a mentorship, and many Alumni end up seeking mentors themselves.

Now more than ever, mentoring is an invaluable tool to foster your graduates’ personal development and professional growth. Discover the power of mentoring to galvanise your Alumni community and build a sense of belonging and reconnection with your school.